• Big Brother winner used to weigh 16st 7lb
  • Received Twitter abuse for her size and found dressing stylishly difficult
  • Dropped 6st and became fitness trainer
  • Now wants to help others beat the bulge through boot camp
  • She says fad diets are not the answer

Josie Gibson was recently pictured showing off her bikini body while on a holiday in Morocco.
The 29-year-old is proud of the fact she has lost 6st since she won reality TV show Big Brother in 2010 and has reinvented herself as a fitness guru.
Now she's beaten her own battle with the bulge, she's on a mission to help others get in shape.
Reformed: Josie has lost 6st since taking up exercise and changing her eating habits 
Reformed: Josie has lost 6st since taking up exercise and changing her eating habits

Josie told MailOnline the first step on any weightloss journey is realisation - accepting you are not leading a healthy lifestyle and becoming aware of the impact that can have on your day-to-day activities and self-esteem.
She explains: 'There were lots of times I wanted to lose weight in the past - I call them "wake up calls". I think at the start of everyone's weightloss journey it's important to write your wake up calls down and keep them in sight.

'My wake up calls were lots of things but mainly the abuse I was getting on Twitter from people I didn't even know; the time I couldn't do up a pair of knee high boots in plus-size shop Evans and the time I couldn't do a flying lesson my friends had bought me for my birthday due to my size.'
The Bristol-born star said these wake up calls should then become your motivation to change your ways by exercising more and eating less fattening foods.
Josie used to weigh 16st 7lb
Now she's a size 8
Josie used to weigh 16st 7lb, left, now she's a size 8 and wants to help others on their own weightloss journey
For those that need a kick start to get in shape, she's running a number of GI Jane Bootcamps (or more apt GI Josie) sessions in Kent this April.
Participants can book in for a few days midweek, at the weekend or for a full week where they will undertake fitness classes and learn about nutrition.
'The Bootcamp is suitable for women of all shapes, ages and sizes who want to have fun, burn fat and educate themselves on health and fitness. You will leave ready to take on the world,' she said.
Josie, a qualified personal trainer, will lead the sessions which will include military circuits, BoxFit and dance classes.
She describes the boot camp as a "fitness holiday" where she will pass on the knowledge she has gleaned on how to burn fat through exercise and eating well - without yo-yo dieting.

Work it! Josie leads one of the sessions at her GI Jane boot camp 
Work it! Josie leads one of the sessions at her GI Jane boot camp

Kick start to fitness: Josie and the GI Jane team with some previous boot camp participants 
Kick start to fitness: Josie and the GI Jane team with some previous boot camp participants

She said: 'I had tried everything to lose weight. All I ever wanted to do was beat my genetics. I've found a way of doing that now and I want to show others the way. 
'Changing habits and getting fit is no easy road for a person starting their weight-loss journey. The key to everything is educating yourself, setting realistic goal and loving the person you are.'
She added: 'Forget fad diets! Nine out of 10 people on a fad diet will always end up putting weight on again. The healthiest way to loose weight is to eat natural and clean foods. The environment we live in almost wants us to be sick and fat. We need to make a change together so the food industry changes with us.
Josie said she will give talks on nutrition during the boot camp revealing how her knowledge of food has changed, helping her drop from 16st 7lb at her heaviest to a svelte size 8 now, weighing 10st 2lb.
'I will advise on how I shop for food, eating habits and all the little tips I've learnt along the way to keep fit and healthy,' she said.
'Some people think its all about the amount of calories you eat vs the amount of exercise you do, but it's so much more than that. Some of my friends eat the same things I once did, but will never put the weight on. It boils down to your genetics, what you eat, your environment, how you shop for food, how you feel about yourself, your addictions and all sorts of factors.'

For more information visit www.gijanebootcamp.co.uk/Josie-gibson.html


The reality star's brother Harry was left bloody and bruised by thugs 'because he couldn't give them directions'

Thugs attacked Harry in Bristol in January

A man has been arrested over a 'hate crime' attack on Big Brother winner Josie Gibson's deaf brother.
Harry was left battered and bruised after being assaulted during a night out celebrating his sister's 29th birthday in January.
He suffered a broken nose and other facial injuries after two thugs had asked him for directions and he replied using sign language.
Writing on her Twitter account earlier today, Josie said: "Thank you to everyone who retweeted a raised awareness of the attack. Your bloody amazing. I owe you a lot of drinks lol!![sic]"
She also later retweeted one of her fans who wrote: "Glad they're treating it as #hatecrime too. Far too many people think it's ok to attack people because they are "different! x!"
Following the attack a distraught Josie later tweeted a picture of Harry covered in blood.
"I'm going to hunt the bullies who did this!The nicest guy ever was beaten up because they thought he was deaf & dumb," she wrote.
Disability campaigners condemned the attack and said the government's welfare reforms are to blame.
Philip Connolly, from Disability Rights UK, said the "shocking" attack was a reminder of the rising tide of hate against people with disabilities.
Josie's brother Harry became deaf as a result of suffering meningitis as a baby.
Avon and Somerset Police said: "We have arrested a 24-year-old man in connection with an assault at the Dojo Lounge nightclub in Bristol in January.
"A 27-year-old man from Cheshire was assaulted at the Park Row nightclub in Clifton in the early hours of Sunday 26 January, while out with family and friends. He suffered a suspected broken nose.
"The assault is being treated as a hate crime."
"A 24-year-old man has now been arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm. He has been interviewed and released on bail until 30 May to allow for further enquiries to take place."
"We are still appealing for witnesses to the incident to come forward, as well as anyone who has information which could help our ongoing inquiry."

She has become extremely body confident since she slimmed down from a size 20 to 8.
And on Thursday evening Josie Gibson once again made sure all eyes were on her as she attended the Inanch London Gold Class Hair launch party at Iberica in London.
But while she certainly looked sensational in the lace jumpsuit, it was her ample display of side-boob which really turned heads.

The 29-year-old seemed unconcerned by the display though and happily posed away, making sure every angle of the jumpsuit could be seen.
While it featured a tailored leg, the top section was vastly in contrast as it was plunging and made of lace.
In keeping with the hair event the Big Brother winner made sure her locks looked perfect as they fell down her back in loose curls.

Bristol’s Big Brother winner Josie Gibson has thanked Katie Price for writing about deaf brother's 'awful' attack in her magazine column.
Last month, after going for a family meal to celebrate turning 29, Josie, her 27-year-old brother Harry and a group of 10 friends carried the party on to Dojo nightclub in Park Row.
After Harry got separated from the group for a matter of minutes, he was allegedly approached by a group of three men, one of whom punched him. Josie found her brother collapsed on the club stairwell, blood pouring from his face.
Katie agreed with Josie the attack was ‘shocking’.

Josie sent Katie a sweet message after the model wrote about Harry's attack in her Now column.
Katie wrote: 'Did you see the awful pics of Josie Gibson's deaf brother Harry? He was beaten up because he replied in sign language to two yobs asking for directions,'
'Someone must know who these horrible men are. Fish them out to the police!'
Josie tweeted: '@MissKatiePrice Thank you for raising awareness about the attack on my brother in your column. I really appreciate it. Xxxx,' Tweeted Big Brother winner Josie.
'There's around 170,000 attacks a year on people with disabilities. Shocking isn't it.'
Katie replied: '@Josiestweet hi when I saw it it was shocking hope he is ok xx ps your looking amazing xx.'

BRISTOL'S Josie Gibson - who has previously revealed how she lost six stone in a year - is to run a week-long military-style fitness boot camp.
The Big Brother star famously slimmed from a size 20 to a size 8 after seeing unflattering pictures of herself on the beach.
The 29-year-old recently released a new book on how to lose weight. She says a combination of a strict diet and exercise regime helped her slim down from 16st 7lb and a size 18 to 10st 2lb.
Now a qualified personal trainer she is taking part in a military style G.I. Jane Bootcamp from Friday, April 4 to Friday, April 11.

Josie promoted the bootcamp to her Twitter followers, saying: "Literally got all sorts of work outs for my @gijanebootcamp 4th April. Your definitely going to lose a lot of weight put it that way. Xx"

Read more: http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Bristol-s-Josie-Gibson-run-military-style-fitness/story-20684014-detail/story.html#ixzz2u96Sl0t7